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......@@ -150,6 +150,14 @@ public class Compiler
pathForThisName.add(level, new SearchPath(currentPath, token));
if (type.searchName.list != null)
if (level == 0)
report(new Info(InfoModel.listIsntInArraySearch,;
if (!(token instanceof TokenSearchToken))
report(new Info(InfoModel.listIsntATokenSearch,;
if (type.searchName != null && type.searchName != null)
......@@ -210,8 +218,10 @@ public class Compiler
report(new Info(InfoModel.emptyArray, token));
boolean b = first;
if (token instanceof ArraySearchToken)
level ++;
int i = 0;
for (SearchToken tt : ((MultipleSearchToken)token).getTypes())
......@@ -35,7 +35,9 @@ enum InfoModel
illegalIdentifier(Etat.ERROR, "This name is not allowed"),
invalidTransSearch(Etat.ERROR, "'#' can only be used with a transient token"),
incorrectRange(Etat.ERROR, "Min and max size must be positive integers (min <= max)"),
nonExistentIgnore(Etat.ERROR, "Can't use ignore because it has not been defined")
nonExistentIgnore(Etat.ERROR, "Can't use ignore because it has not been defined"),
listIsntInArraySearch(Etat.ERROR, "A list cannot be used outside of an array search"),
listIsntATokenSearch(Etat.ERROR, "A list can only be used on a token search")
public final Etat etat;
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