Commit 93dafcd7 authored by Custom2043's avatar Custom2043
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Exported MPL.mpl inside sources to update

parent 359b0e9e
......@@ -6,16 +6,18 @@ public class TokenSearchToken extends Token
/******** Java Meta Parser Generation ********/
public static final TokenBuilder builder = new TokenBuilder(false, 26, TokenSearchToken.class);
public static final TokenBuilder builder = new TokenBuilder(false, 25, TokenSearchToken.class);
public Result searchResults[];
public ParserString trans;
public Identifier id;
public StringToken string;
public Identifier id;
public ParserString trans;
public static final Search builderSearches[] = {
new OrSearch(
new BracketSearch(
new OptionalSearch(new TokenSearch("trans", ParserString.transientToken)),
new OptionalSearch(
new TokenSearch("trans", ParserString.transientToken)
new TokenSearch("id", Identifier.builder)
new TokenSearch("string", StringToken.builder)
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