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add dropout prediction file

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from keras.models import Model, Sequential
from keras import backend as K
def create_dropout_predict_function(model, dropout):
Create a keras function to predict with dropout
model : keras model
dropout : fraction dropout to apply to all layers
predict_with_dropout : keras function for predicting with dropout
# Load the config of the original model
conf = model.get_config()
# Add the specified dropout to all layers
for layer in conf['layers']:
# Dropout layers
if layer["class_name"]=="Dropout":
layer["config"]["rate"] = dropout
# Recurrent layers with dropout
elif "dropout" in layer["config"].keys():
layer["config"]["dropout"] = dropout
# Create a new model with specified dropout
if type(model)==Sequential:
# Sequential
model_dropout = Sequential.from_config(conf)
# Functional
model_dropout = Model.from_config(conf)
# Create a function to predict with the dropout on
predict_with_dropout = K.function([model_dropout.inputs,K.learning_phase()], model_dropout.outputs)
return predict_with_dropout
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