Commit 95943e6a authored by Aroubate Hamza's avatar Aroubate Hamza
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Update ITIAdventure/src/fr/insarouen/asi/prog/asiaventure/elements/, ITIAdventure/src/fr/insarouen/asi/prog/asiaventure/, ITIAdventure/src/ files
package fr.insarouen.asi.prog.asiaventure.elements;
import fr.insarouen.asi.prog.asiaventure.*;
public class Entite {
private String nom;
private Monde monde;
public Entite(String nom, Monde monde){
this.nom = nom;
this.monde = monde;
public String getNom(){
return this.nom;
public Monde getMonde(){
return this.monde;
public boolean equals(Object o){
if (o == null || o.getClass()!=this.getClass()){
return false;
Entite e = (Entite) o;
return nom.equals(e.nom) && monde.equals(e.monde);
public String toString(){
return "Nom : "+this.nom;
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