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......@@ -35,6 +35,11 @@ python [video_path] [output_path (optional)]</code>
- You might have to modify the code to analyse custom video...
## Possible improvements
- The architecture is only a keras adaptation of the Darknet architecture and use the original with transfer learning might be more efficient.
- A lot of new architecture have been released since YOLOV3 and could provide better results. It would be interesting to train model like CenterNet ResNet-18 or DSOD300 + VoVNet-27-slim.
- Only a few pictures has been labeled and with not that much diversity on the content. Create a larger dataset would make a more robust model.
## Thanks
We would like to thanks the INSA of Rouen and Clément Chatelain our Machine-Learning
teacher for giving us the time and opportunity to work on a project on our own.
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